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Humanizing Homelessness : How Pathways Community Center Created An Immersive Impact Story


August 17, 2022
1pm ET

Hosted By

Alex Greenawalt headshot
Alex Greenawalt
Executive Director, Pathways Community Center


43 minutes



Humanizing Homelessness Exhibit


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Many times, we talk about understanding the impact of our missions. But what if you could actually demonstrate the real impact to donors through immersive experiences? Telling program stories can have a transformative effect on your community, yet it is important to do so clearly, collaboratively, and ethically. 

Learn how Pathways Community Center was able to design its own immersive impact experience to help expand the conversation about homelessness and the disparities facing their zero-to-low income population while promoting empathy, advocacy, and collaborative solutions. 

In this live interview on August 17 at 1:00pm ET, Alex Greenawalt walked through how Pathways:

  • Identified an immersive experience as a project to explore
  • Collaborated with their community to create the experience
  • How this type of storytelling has opened up new opportunities

After you watch this session, you’ll be inspired and full of ideas on how to turn your own programming into powerful stories of community impact.