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How To Make Small Donors Start Recurring

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Erica Waasdorp
A Direct Solution







No matter where you are in establishing or growing your recurring donor program, Invitation, Stewardship and Cultivation go hand in hand.

This interactive virtual session centers on the importance of a dedicated strategy to try to convert small donors into recurring donors on an ongoing basis. You can use automated and non-automated approaches that fit your communication strategy and timetables.

Recurring donors are an intricate part of annual appeals which will lead to upgrades to legacy and major gifts. Donors at all levels are the lifeblood of any nonprofit and strengthening their commitment to the organization through recurring gift conversion are key to every nonprofit’s financial growth and stability.

Attendees of all types of nonprofits and all levels of experience will hear several case studies and many practical examples. There will be time for polls and questions and attendees will come away with ideas they can implement right away.