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Making Memberships Thrive

Hosted By

Darla deMontesquiou headshot
Darla deMontesquiou
Professional Services Consultant, Neon One
Sam Nyland headshot
Sam Nyland
Product Marketing Manager, Neon One


Discover the power of engaged members as the driving force behind your organization’s impact. Beyond financial contributions, members provide unwavering support and fuel awareness and outreach for your cause. However, maintaining their commitment requires continuous communication and engagement. 

Join this session to explore strategies to elevate your membership program! We’ll focus on three key areas that are vital for creating a thriving base of highly engaged members:

  • Choosing the Right Membership Model: Tailor engagement by choosing the right model aligned with your goals and audience.
  • Leading Practices for Enrollment and Renewals: Streamline sign-ups and renewals with best practices for clear communication and compelling calls-to-action.
  • Sustaining Engagement for the Long Term: Turn members into committed advocates through consistent personalized communication and automation in Neon CRM.

This is a must-attend session for organizations who want to create a thriving, engaged, and sustainable membership base.