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Neon Fundraise Update Release: May 2023


May 23, 2023

2:00 pm ET


Hosted By

Michelle Robin headshot
Michelle Robin
Director of Product Marketing
Anna Van Cleef headshot
Anna Van Cleef
Director of Product Management
Zalman Friedman headshot
Zalman Friedman
Product Owner, Neon Fundraise


40 Minutes



Join our leading Neon Fundraise product experts each month to learn about the most recent enhancements, newest features, and new tools added to your Neon Fundraise system. 

We strive to exceed your fundraising expectations with intuitive tech that puts your mission first. This webinar will highlight our latest enhancements including:

  • Fundraiser Email Redesign
  • Mobile Dashboard Tab Redesign
  • Neon CRM Sync Updates
  • Donate Button Present Options
  • Paypal/Venmo Integration

We encourage all Neon Fundraise users to register and tune into our quarterly product release webinars. Keep your Neon Fundraise knowledge current and up-to-date, and help us determine new tools and functionalities that are important to you inside Neon Fundraise.