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New Insights for Nonprofit Email Marketers

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Abby Jarvis headshot
Abby Jarvis
Head of Content, Neon One


What’s the best day to send an email? What words should you include in your subject lines? Is preview text really that important? How does your email performance measure up to other nonprofits?

Join this session to learn the answers to your biggest email marketing questions! We’ll cover findings from The Nonprofit Email Report: Data-Backed Insights for Better Engagement. When you join this session, you’ll learn:

– Nonprofit email performance benchmarks from 2022 (for both small and large organizations!)

– Fascinating data about the words and emotions that prompt your readers to open and read your messages

– Insight into how to use these new benchmarks to improve your own engagement

This is a must-see session for anyone who creates emails for your nonprofit.