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Product Keynote: The Evolution of Neon One’s Integrated Ecosystem

Hosted By

Nolan Martin headshot
Nolan Martin
VP of Product, Neon One
Matthew Barta headshot
Matthew Barta
Product Manager, Neon One
Daniel Woodcock headshot
Daniel Woodcock
Product Manager, Neon One
Anna Van Cleef, PMP headshot
Anna Van Cleef, PMP
Director of Product Management, Neon One


As we gather to reflect on our product journey since GX22, you’ll witness how Neon One’s offerings have evolved. Our aim? To empower nonprofits, enabling them to create magical generosity experiences. In this session, the Product Management team will present a concise overview of our accomplishments and provide insight into the vision for 2024. Discover the innovations and enhancement in Neon CRM, Neon Fundraise, Neon Giving Days, Neon Websites, and Neon Pay. Our journey has been shaped by your feedback, and we want that to continue! The product team will share opportunities to share your voice about where we are heading. After our presentation, we invite your thoughts and questions during a live Q&A. Together, we’re shaping the future of nonprofit technology. Join us in this continuous commitment to making a difference.