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Quickbooks & Neon CRM: A Match Made in Heaven (Seriously!)


May 4th, 2022
11am ET

Hosted By

Gregg S. Bossen headshot
Gregg S. Bossen
Quickbooks ProAdviser + Quickbooks Nonprofit Trainer & Owner
Laura Block headshot
Laura Block
Product Owner, Neon One


110 minutes




Quickbooks + Neon CRM Integration Guide


Is your organization entering revenue into both Neon CRM and QuickBooks?

Is someone spending hours trying to reconcile the revenue between the two?

Neon CRM has one of the best QuickBooks syncs available in the sector. Using it will save your organization countless hours of time.

In this interactive webinar, nonprofit QuickBooks expert, Gregg S. Bossen CPA will team up with Neon to walk through exactly how to set up and utilize the Neon CRM-QuickBooks sync function! No more double entry of revenue!

Topics to be covered will include:

  • How to adjust your current or new QuickBooks file to be able to receive Neon transactions
  • Step by step process for mapping Neon to QuickBooks lists
  • Best practice for which QuickBooks fields should be mapped (and which Neon fields they should be mapped to!)
  • How to best use the sync function – when and how
  • What to do with the synced transactions once in QuickBooks – completing the deposit
  • How to handle the merchant fees
  • Dealing with duplicate names

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