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Save Time, Increase Revenue and Build Relationships with Workflows: Day 1

Hosted By

Harrison Metcalf headshot
Harrison Metcalf
Support Engineer at Neon One
Laura Block headshot
Laura Block
Implementation Manager at Neon One


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Automating tasks in your CRM can improve your relationships with constituents and streamline your internal processes. This 2-part workshop is a deep dive into one of Neon CRM’s most useful (and under-utilized!) features: Workflows. 

These sessions include detailed training on setting up workflows, including strategy around triggers, criteria for targeting constituents, and using advanced workflow tactics like If/Then statements and conditional triggers. 

After watching, you’ll know how to:

  1. Identify useful workflows for your organization’s needs
  2. Design new workflows from scratch, including
    – Prompting recurring donors with expired credit cards to update their information
    – A welcome series for first-time donors
    – Outreach and reminder series for lapsed members
    – New volunteer application follow-up
    – Automated donor segmentation
    – Using the Windfall integration for prospecting
  3. How to test and troubleshoot a tricky workflow

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Learn 11 workflows that will save you time, increase your revenue, and help you build better relationships.