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Saved by the Bell: Turning Giving Day Moments into Recurring Giving Momentum

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May 31, 2024
1-2 p.m EST

Hosted By

Tim Sarrantonio headshot
Tim Sarrantonio
Director of Corporate Brand, Neon One


Join us for a blast from the past with our “Saved by the Bell” themed workshop, where we dive into the nostalgic world of the 1990s to uncover timeless strategies for turning single-time donors into lifelong supporters. In this session, we’ll harness the psychological power of the peak-end rule, focusing on how pivotal moments and memorable experiences can transform giving day participants into recurring donors. Get ready to ring the bell for recurring success and ensure your donors’ last memories are as impactful as their first.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Mastering Memorable Moments: Learn how to identify and create impactful moments during giving days that will leave a lasting impression on donors, using the peak-end rule to enhance the recall and emotional connection to your cause.
  2. Strategizing for Success: Develop strategies to ensure the final interaction with donors is as memorable as the first, turning positive peak experiences into triggers for recurring donations.
  3. Implementing End Strategies: Gain insights into practical ways to apply the peak-end rule in your communication and engagement efforts post-giving day, ensuring that the end of any donor interaction sets the stage for ongoing commitment.

This workshop will equip participants with the tools to effectively convert giving day enthusiasm into sustained support, leveraging nostalgic lessons from the ’90s combined with modern psychological insights.