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Securing Trust: How Technology & Monthly Giving Go Hand-in-Hand

Hosted By

Tom Clayton headshot
Tom Clayton
Director Merchant Risk Partnerships, North America, Visa
Jean Marie Trick headshot
Jean Marie Trick
Implementation Manager, Neon One


In the digital era, as more donors migrate online to support the causes they love, it’s imperative for nonprofits to prioritize the security of donor information. Visa, a global leader in payment technology, joins hands with Neon One to unveil how technological advancements are reshaping donor trust and bolstering confidence in online recurring gifts.

Kickstarting the session, Visa will shed light on the pioneering payment technologies that safeguard donor data and pave the way for risk-free donations. By harnessing technology, like the connected platform approach of Neon One products, donors can embrace online giving with unparalleled assurance.

But how do these background tech investments translate to foreground donor experiences?

To answer this, we’ll be joined by Jean Marie Trick from Neon One to learn about Sparrow’s Nest of the Hudson Valley. Charting the journey of Sparrow’s Nest, we’ll delve into their transformative shift from event-centric fundraising to the realm of regular monthly giving.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Gain insight into the expansive benefits of monthly donations, encompassing steady revenue inflow and boosting annual earnings without expanding the donor base.
  2. Address and overcome the challenges in transitioning to digital recurring gifts, accentuating the significance of secure and hassle-free online donations.
  3. Equip yourself with battle-tested strategies to inaugurate and nurture a triumphant monthly giving initiative, from vision crafting to ceaseless donor engagement.