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Storytellers Panel: Lessons for Nonprofits From Creative Experts


August 3, 2022
1pm ET

Hosted By

Bilal Dardai headshot
Bilal Dardai
Writer and Producer at Committee for Children
Mariah-Rose Marie headshot
Mariah-Rose Marie
Graphic Novelist and Illustrator
Gerald Tan headshot
Gerald Tan
Host/Correspondent at CGTN America


63 minutes




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If you work for a nonprofit, you’ve heard all about the importance of storytelling. But where do you even begin the storytelling process? It helps to look outside the usual voices in our sector and find inspiration from creatives in other professions. Neon One is thrilled to present a curated panel of creative experts from the theater, graphic novel, and culinary television worlds to talk to you about how they approach storytelling and how you can emulate their success.

In this panel session being held on August 3, you’ll hear from:

We’ll cover the universal truths about the creative process, address how to overcome distractions and set yourself up for success in your workspace, and inspire you to tell your own unique story to the world.