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Strategies for Creating an Inclusive and Antiracist Fundraising Program

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Kia Croom headshot
Kia Croom
President & CEO, Kia Croom Fundraising & Philanthropy


While Inclusion and Equity are high priorities for many nonprofits, we acknowledge that even the most well-resourced and even well-intentioned organizations are challenged regarding what they can and should be doing to create inclusive and equitable cultures within their fundraising function(s). They can benefit from guidance and inspiration on how to best operationalize equity and inclusion in tangible ways.

Attendees will leave this session

1. Inspired and highly motivated to build and co-create an inclusive and equitable fundraising culture;

2. With concrete ways to operationalize equity and inclusion in fundraising and development teams;

3. An understanding of the benefits that result from creating an inclusive and antiracist fundraising program.