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Technoskepticism: Why Technology Is Not Going To Solve Our Problems And What We Can Do Instead

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Mazarine Treyz
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Watch and learn why technology isn’t the answer for inequality and in a lot of cases actually makes inequality worse. 

In fact, you’ll see technology is not neutral and are complicit in the greatest challenges we face today.

You may know about recent scandals of hacking government agencies by Russia and China. But did you know we were already hacking them first? Technology doesn’t just erode privacy! It keeps us in a web of class war, extractative economies, racial bias, doomscrolling, and more.

What You Will Learn:

  • What is Technoskepticism: Google is not your friend: How tech widens the gap between rich and poor & upholds class war
  • No techbro, not everyone is like you: Unfounded techno-optimism and why it’s problematic
  • Ransomware & Cyberwarfare: How tech erodes privacy & makes us less safe
  • What you can do NOW