Where are our donors?


May 24th, 2022
3pm ET

Hosted By

Farra Trompeter headshot
Farra Trompeter
Co-Director and Member-Owner (Big Duck)


In this session, we’ll explore where donors give and also which channels may be best to reach them. Farra Trompeter, co-director of Big Duck, will share ideas for how you can use communications to create a strong connection with your donors and prospects. Farra will also explore the opportunities and challenges of audience research, and why you should focus on your supporters’ motivations, values, and behaviors to guide what you say, how you say it, and where you show up.

By attending this session participants will learn:

  1. Ways to conduct audience research
  2. New ways to examine audience personas and other “best practices”
  3. How to use audience research to support fundraising and communications