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The 2023 Nonprofit Calendar

Stay One Step Ahead in 2023
December 19, 2022
Paper 2022 nonprofit calendar with a yellow highlighter

Download the full PDF Calendar

This calendar is custom-built to highlight holidays and awareness events that are relevant to nonprofits just like yours. It contains days relevant to the nonprofit community at large, plus specific days relevant to arts, veterans, social justice, health and human services, youth and education, and animal and environmental organizations. 

At the bottom of this page, you can also add the holidays relevant to your nonprofit directly to your calendar by downloading the corresponding .ics file. To add the days most relevant to your nonprofit to your personal calendar, choose one mission type on the on-page calendar before clicking “save this calendar.”

The PDF contains even more valuable information. Download the 2023 Nonprofit Calendar PDF for:

  • Information about all major holidays, cause awareness days, and other days of note throughout the year that you can use for content and campaigns
  • Monthly themes that recommend activities throughout the year to get your nonprofit in tip-top shape, plus links to resources to help you get things done
  • A sneak preview of some things you can expect from Neon One in the upcoming year

All Events 2023

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