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Donor Database Templates for Excel and Google Sheets

Interactive, fill-in-the-blank donor database templates
November 10, 2022
Two light-skinned hands in long sleeves type on a laptop. We like to think they're entering new donor data into their donor database template.

Get My Templates

Are you a small organization that needs to track donor data but doesn’t yet need a full-featured CRM? This spreadsheet is for you.

Use this template to manage your supporters’ data, track their gifts and transactions, record campaign and appeal performance, and more!

Download your templates and start using it to:

  • Manage constituents’ details
  • Track transactions
  • Record performance for different funds, campaigns, and appeals
  • Standardize your data
  • Review important metrics in a built-in dashboard

Want to know the best part? When you’re ready to find a nonprofit CRM in the future, your donor data will already be standardized, up to date, and easy to transition into a new system. If you’re looking for a tool that will help you manage your data while you grow, you’ve found it—grab your template today!