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How to Form a Corporate Sponsorship

A 12-step guide to building relationships with for-profit partners
November 29, 2022
Two people shake hands in what looks like a conference room. The camera focuses on the two hands, and two other people are visible at the table.

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Companies donate over $21 billion to nonprofits every year. For many nonprofits, a partnership with a for-profit organization can be an outstanding way to raise money and connect with new donors. But what steps should you take to build that kind of relationship? This guide, written with our friends at Double the Donation, explains how.

Download this eBook to learn:

  • How to identify potential sponsors
  • Tips for asking for support
  • Steps to take as you develop your partnership

This guide is a must-read for any fundraiser who’s looking to start developing corporate sponsorships. Grab your copy today!