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Website Optimization Action Plan

Build Your Best Nonprofit Website
February 22, 2023
Three people huddle around a table; the table's strewn with website layout sketches and brightly-colored post-it notes.

Start Building Your Website

Did you know the average human attention span is 8.25 seconds? From the moment someone lands on your organization’s website, you have fewer than nine seconds to grab their attention and get them interested in your work.

Does your site do that?

It can! This Website Optimization Action Plan will help you build an engaging, effective presence online. Over the course of seven weeks, you’ll learn:

  • Why optimized websites are important and what you’ll need to create one
  • The elements of a strong nonprofit brand
  • How to design an effective website
  • Tips and strategies for finding and telling compelling stories
  • SEO strategies that will help increase traffic to your site
  • Some different technical optimizations that will help you create a user-friendly website
  • How to create a streamlined donation page that encourages and facilitates gifts

Each section also includes a hands-on activity you can use as you work on your nonprofit’s website. Whether you’re building something from scratch or refreshing an existing one, this resource will help you create a beautiful, engaging site.