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The Nonprofit Email Report:
Data-Backed Insights for Better Engagement

48% of donors prefer to receive updates and appeals via email. Having an effective email program is an important part of building an engaged community. But data about nonprofit email performance has historically been hard to come by—especially for small to midsize nonprofits—and that makes it hard to gauge your own campaigns’ performance. 

That changes today! We evaluated 37,472 email campaigns sent by Neon One clients and identified key email benchmarks broken down by organization size. We include data for small and large nonprofits as well as the average of all emails sent. You’ll find data on average list sizes, open rates, and click-through rates for all three of our size cohorts, along with data-backed insights your team can actually use.

When you read this report, you’ll uncover:

Tips for improving your email campaigns’ performance

Words and phrases that boost engagement

An analysis of the most engaging email of 2022

Practical strategies for creating compelling emails

Expert advice from industry thought leaders

Nonprofit-specific email performance benchmarks

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The average nonprofit has a



45.70% for small orgs

27.64% for large orgs

The average nonprofit raises



$6.15 for small orgs

$0.88 for large orgs

The word “support” has a



+194% for “donate”

-308% for “reminder”

Thoughts on The Nonprofit Email Report

“In a world where social media is becoming increasingly volatile and unpredictable, nonprofits cannot afford to leave their community engagement to chance. Email provides a direct and reliable way to reach supporters and build lasting relationships with them. Neon One’s new report is a game-changer for nonprofits and community organizations alike, providing a much-needed benchmark for measuring the effectiveness of their email campaigns and ensuring they are maximizing their impact in a rapidly changing digital landscape.”


Director of Digital Strategy (GivingTuesday)

“The Nonprofit Email Report is a critical step forward in our sector in the evolution of ensuring that every nonprofit, not just the well-resourced, has the data needed to make quick decisions that will enable them to connect with people and grow their community of generosity.” 

Steve Kriter

CEO, Neon One

Portrait of Neon One CEO, Steve Kriter
Portrait of Neon One CEO, Steve Kriter