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As part of our commitment to transparency around donor insights, we have developed an interactive hub of key data trends relating to the future of individual giving. We encourage you to take inspiration from what thousands of organizations are fundraising to help inform your own capacity-building strategy.

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It’s so important for the nonprofit sector to have this kind of actionable analysis of trends. This kind of work enables a community of practice that’s data-driven and provides real world guidance – connecting research to best practices.”

Woodrow Rosenbaum

Chief Data Officer

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The original research in this report uses donor and transaction data from the Neon CRM database of Neon One customers. For our analysis, we aggregated donations and pledges from across our customer base and appended data from the donor profile and public records on the organization to produce the top-line results described in this report. For the purposes of this public resource, some aggregate information is not displayed in order to assist with making it easier to understand and may not reflect all revenue raised during the time periods outlined.

The Dataset

For our research, we extracted a dataset of all donations and pledges from Neon CRM databases where the recorded donation date was between January 1, 2019, and August 24, 2021. These records included standard donation data points, such as the donation amount, recorded donation date, record creation date, payment tender, submitter’s IP address (for online giving), and a variety of unique identifiers for joining other data sources.

This primary dataset was then supplemented with additional data points from linked donor profiles and public records on the organization. Donor profile data included the donor’s city, state, zip/postal code, and country. Organizational data included the organization’s Employer Identification Number (EIN – for U.S.-based organizations only) for linking a variety of data points from Form 990 records publicly available for exempt organizations in the United States. Our research focused specifically on organizations’ National Taxonomy of Exempt Entities (NTEE) codes and income reported on Form 990.

Analysis by Mission & Organization Income

The findings described in this report that relates to fundraising according to an organization’s mission or income relied on the organizational data appended to the primary dataset. For this analysis, we aggregated the count and sum of donation amounts and grouped them by the organizations’ NTEE Major Group codes and income codes designated by the IRS based on the organization’s reported income on Form 990.

Data Privacy & Security

Per the Neon One product terms, Customer Data for this report was aggregated, de-identified, and anonymized in a manner that does not designate or identify