Start raising money for your cause in just a few simple steps — with no monthly fees.

NeonRaise is a lightweight online fundraising solution brought to you by the fundraising experts at Neon One.

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With NeonRaise, you can get started in two steps

Your next digital fundraising campaign is only a few clicks away.

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First, set up your merchant account

Your merchant account form can be found within the NeonRaise app. This will get you set up with your new payment processor.

Then, create your first donation form

Once your merchant account has been approved, you can start building your first donation form! Configure the form fields, the branding, and the page content to make it your own.


Keep growing with a streamlined donation process

The NeonRaise donation process is designed to provide growing nonprofits the tools needed for capacity building. From pre-set suggested donation levels to automatic thank yous, your donors will always get the best online giving experience possible.


All the fundamental insights you need in one place

Who says fundraising analytics software needs to be expensive? Our fundraising dashboard gives you unmatched access to performance indicators, as designated by the Fundraising Effectiveness Project.


Keep your donors in the loop

Your supporters can access their tax receipts, manage their donations, and update their information, all through their NeonRaise donor portal.

Free to Get Started and $0/Monthly Fees

With NeonRaise, there are no monthly fees. The only cost is a fee of 5.5% + $.50 per transaction*, processed in real-time.

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*Additional 1% for American Express