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What Are Fundraising KPIs and Why Should You Track Them?

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March 08, 2023
Neon One Staff
Fundraising KPIs will allow you to track your campaigns and improve your future results. In this image, a man sits in front of a computer, studying a chart.

Fundraising KPIs (key performance indicators) will tell you if you’re on track to reach your goals. They’ll also give you a good idea of the future value of your fundraising efforts and help you anticipate if there is trouble on the horizon. You probably already have a lot of data on your donor engagement, participation, and giving; using it in the right way will help you keep your campaigns on track and improve in the future.

Fundraising KPIs That Will Keep You On Track

There are a lot of KPIs you can use to manage your campaigns in real time and build better ones later. You can break them down into three groups: Engagement KPIs that show constituent interest, participation KPIs that show the buzz you’re creating, and giving KPIs to capture the financial impact. To learn more about the top nonprofit KPIs, see our resource, How to Use Nonprofit KPIs to Measure Your Performance.

Engagement KPIs

Engagement KPIs tell you how interested constituents are in your campaign. Track these KPIs early and often because they feed into participation and giving. A donor who isn’t engaged won’t share your content, attend your events, or donate to your cause. Here are a few KPIs you can use to measure constituent engagement.

2. Minimize Clicks

Participation KPIs include the nonfinancial ways individuals interact with your campaigns. This information is available from a variety of sources from internal records to website traffic, email platforms, social media campaigns, and more. Here are a few participation KPIs your nonprofit can track.

Giving KPIs

Fundraisers have indirect benefits that aren’t always evident when the campaign ends. Giving KPIs help you measure the direct financial impact of your campaign, as well as its future value.

How Neon CRM Simplifies KPI Tracking

You can’t track fundraising KPIs without data. A lot of this data is going to be found across multiple systems: Websites, social media sites, email clients, and other fundraising tools are all funneling information to you. If you don’t have a way to tie them all together, you won’t be able to use that information effectively. A nonprofit CRM is an essential tool for tracking your fundraising KPIs because it allows you to pull all that data into one place, track trends, and implement changes when necessary.

Neon CRM is a high-performing tool for understanding your fundraising KPIs and keeping your campaigns on track. Our platform allows you to run reports, monitor donor contacts, manage your financials, and implement improvements. To learn more, request a demo.

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