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Nonprofit CRM Pricing: The Benefits of Revenue-Based Billing

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January 20, 2023
Neon One Staff
An individual goes over a nonprofit CRM pricing model with a potential client

Nonprofit leaders have to weigh a lot of different factors when they’re looking for a CRM for their organization. A lot of options are specifically designed for the commercial sector—and they’re priced accordingly. They may also come with a lot of features that don’t work for you. At Neon One, our nonprofit CRM pricing and the platform itself are designed specifically with organizations like yours in mind.

Neon CRM’s Revenue-Based Billing Model

Many CRM providers bill based on the number of donor accounts or records you need to manage. However, the number of records you have in your database doesn’t necessarily correlate to the amount of revenue you earn. Many nonprofits find they need to grow and manage a base of potential donors that’s larger than their actual supporter base. Others may need to use their CRM to track and manage other types of constituents that aren’t really tied to revenue, like clients or volunteers. When you’re locked into a record-based billing model, you may find that the system becomes unaffordable as you grow.

Neon CRM takes a different approach: We bill based on your overall revenue, not on the number of accounts or records in your database. That means that your platform cost follows your fiscal growth rather than your database size, so you can easily scale as needed. You can build your email lists, track potential donors, manage volunteers, and more without worrying about accidentally going over your allotted number of records.

We offer three tiers of service, but all of them come with unlimited records, users, emails, forms, reports, and fundraising campaigns.

Unlimited Offerings

Neon CRM’s Three Pricing Tiers

Neon One offers three pricing tiers based on your organization’s total revenue. These tiers make it easy to upgrade as you grow while keeping our nonprofit CRM pricing predictable and affordable.

Assistance in Implementing Your New Nonprofit CRM

Very few organizations come to us with no existing records. Often, new users have been using a wide range of databases, spreadsheets, and other manual methods that don’t give them a single unified picture of their data. Formatting can also vary across different documents and platforms, which can make it challenging to combine different types of information and import it into your new database. 

You don’t have to do it alone! We work with your organization to bring all that information into your CRM, then clean it up by merging duplicate records and streamlining data. To support organizations of all sizes, we offer four different Implementation and Data Migration Packages:

Training and Support

Teaching your people how to use Neon CRM is the best way to make the most of your system. After all, it’s the people on your fundraising, operations, and marketing teams that know the tools and features that would be the most useful to them. Our support empowers them to confidently work with Neon CRM. 

All Neon CRM Implementation and Data Migration packages come with a two-week, four-course orientation period. During that time, you’ll learn about system features including account management, themes, online forms, acknowledgment emails, and data exports. Some clients choose to add additional support and ticketing services, while some options come standard with higher-tier packages.

Ready To Get Started?

Your nonprofit CRM pricing should be able to grow with you, not penalize you for growth. That’s why Neon One has developed a platform and billing model with scalability and growth in mind. To make sure you get the absolute most out of your investment, we also take an active role in training your team on its use while streamlining your existing data. With a CRM that can improve your donor relationships and make operations more efficient, you can rest assured you’re making the responsible decision to support your organization.

Neon One’s nonprofit CRM pricing offers the transparency and scalability you need and the features that will help deepen your relationships. To see how it works, request a demo today!

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