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Creating Magic in Every Moment: Personalizing the Recurring Donor Experience


May 21, 2024
3 p.m. ET

61 Minutes

Hosted By

Mallory Erickson headshot
Mallory Erickson
Creator of the Power Partners Formula™ and Host of the podcast What the Fundraising

Join us for a webinar with Mallory Erickson, Creator of the Power Partners Formula™ and Host of the podcast What the Fundraising, to learn how to build and strengthen recurring giving programs by fostering deeper, more personalized connections with donors in a highly efficient manner. In just 60 minutes, we’ll help you understand the primary drivers of recurring giving and dive into practical, innovative strategies that go beyond the basics, focusing on truly personalizing the donor experience to build loyalty and increase engagement.

By dedicating just 5 hours a month — only about 4.2% of a typical work month — you’ll walk away with a simple yet effective game plan to enhance your recurring giving program. These actionable strategies are designed to maximize impact without overwhelming your schedule.

Key Learnings:

  • Crafting a Welcome Series: Design an engaging, personalized welcome series that makes each donor feel valued from the outset. Learn how to integrate the power of storytelling and personal touches, like video messages from beneficiaries or board members, to vividly illustrate the impact of donations.
  • Inclusive Content for Recurring Giving Members: Explore the importance of creating ‘members-only’ content that not only keeps recurring donors informed and engaged but also reflects the diverse voices and experiences within your donor community. We’ll delve into strategies for crafting compelling, inclusive updates that showcase the broad impact of their contributions and reinforce the ongoing value they provide to your mission.
  • Fostering Inclusion and Community Engagement: Learn how to meaningfully celebrate and acknowledge your donors in ways that foster inclusion and build community. We will explore strategies that honor the diversity of contributions and experiences, and understand how they cultivate a strong sense of belonging and active engagement among all supporters.
  • Surprise and Delight Tactics: Delve into the art of surprising your donors with unexpected gestures that resonate on a personal level. Learn how simple acts can significantly enhance the donor experience.
  • Implementing Feedback for Flexibility: Understand the importance of feedback in refining your program. We’ll cover effective strategies for gathering and integrating this feedback, and how to provide inclusive and flexible giving options that cater to donor preferences and circumstances.

This session is perfect for nonprofit leaders, fundraisers, and anyone involved in donor relations who is seeking to efficiently transform their recurring giving strategies into a more dynamic, personalized donor journey. Join us to learn how to make each interaction with your donors genuinely impactful and ensure they feel deeply connected to your cause, not just today but for many years to come.

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