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Unlock the Power of Moves Management: Elevate Your Fundraising Strategy

Hosted By

Sam Nyland headshot
Sam Nyland
Product Marketing Manager, Neon One
Carlos Desroses headshot
Carlos Desroses
Professional Services Consultant, Neon One


Discover the hidden gem of fundraising success—moves management! If you’re looking for the key to nurturing enduring donor relationships, this session is for you. 

We will jump right in and discuss the potential of moves management inside Neon CRM and discuss how it can transform your donor development efforts. Whether you’re navigating prospective donors, cultivating major gifts, or managing grants, we will discuss best practices for amplifying your outreach. We’ll explore donor segmentation that will save you time and enhance your impact, and you’ll get data insights and reporting tips that will foster sustained engagement. 

But our journey doesn’t end there. As we navigate the realm of moves management, we’ll also shine a light on the exciting opportunities that await once the fundraising journey concludes.

Join this session and equip yourself with the knowledge to master moves management and elevate your fundraising game!