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Donor Management Software Comparison: What’s Right for Your Nonprofit?

7 min read
January 17, 2024
Neon One Staff
A comprehensive donor management software comparison can help you find the right program for your cause. In this image, two hands appear in front of a blurred background in shades of green and white. One cupped hand is full of coins; below it, another outstretched hand is ready to receive that money.

When you’re comparing donor management platforms, the sheer variety of software choices can be a bit overwhelming. Some platforms offer versatile, feature-rich solutions. Others are designed for simpler, more basic contact management. 

Choosing the right tool can be tough! With the right set of features, you can deepen donor relationships and engage more easily with constituents. With the wrong program, though, you can face cost creep, frustrations, and poor communication.

This donor management software comparison will go over some of the most popular options, rounding up their features, benefits, and challenges to help you make the right choice for your organization. Let’s take a look.

Let’s Compare These 6 Popular Donor Management Software Options

A good donor management system will help you store and organize your supporters’ data, track your campaigns’ progress, and engage with your community more effectively. But how can you know which solution is the best for your own unique needs?

Comparing a few different elements—like features, pricing, and which types of people tend to use which tool—can all help. Each of the platforms listed below are trusted as top donor management options among nonprofits and associations. 

Taking a look at their specific features, as well as the benefits and challenges of the systems as reported by their users, will help you understand how snug a fit each might be for your organization.

1. Neon CRM

Neon CRM product logo
Neon CRM product logo

Neon CRM is a platform designed to deepen your donor connections and improve your ability to connect with and engage your donors and other supporters. With our help, you can track donor data, personalize communications and appeals, build online donation forms, and simplify your workload.

Donor tracking and insights
Engagement timelines
User-specific dashboards
Intuitive, customizable reporting
Flexible fields
Comprehensive fundraising features
Automated workflow and communication tools
Email management 
Flexible donation pages and forms
Event and volunteer management
Grants management
Revenue-based billing
Personalized communications
Comprehensive management
Automated tools
Great for running classes
Robust Quickbooks integration
Large organization support 
Initial ease of use
Simultaneous live/virtual event management

      Is Neon CRM a Good Fit for You?

      Neon CRM is an all-in-one solution designed with the needs of small and midsize nonprofits in mind. While we work with organizations of all sizes, from small grassroots movements to large multi-state associations, our typical clients are looking for a donor management platform that will grow with them. 

      That’s why our revenue-based pricing model makes us a particularly desirable option for rapidly growing organizations.

      Since the costs associated with our different packages are based on your revenue—not the number of contacts you have in your system—you can do things like grow your email list or build a base of donors without worrying about creeping costs or having to delete valuable information.

      2. Bonterra

      Bonterra is a comprehensive platform with streamlined donor management features and the option to add on extra tools. It’s particularly noted for its grassroots organizing, advocacy, and mobilization features, which make it a great tool for managing political campaigns. Bonterra’s solutions include the platforms that used to exist separately as EveryAction and Network for Good.

      Top-tier organizing and advocacy support
      Payment gateways
      Email and mobile messaging 
      Fundraising and Giving Days features
      Event and volunteer management
      Canvassing support
      Phone banking 
      Automated tools and predictive analytics
      Case management
      Grants management
      Ease of use in data management
      Customizable workflows 
      Automated tools
      Strong onboarding process
      Comprehensive solution
      Multi-media support
      Lots of add-ons that can increase costs
      Difficult to use more advanced features
      Integration limitations
      Little custom template support
      Complex, click-heavy system
      Data transfer problems

        Is Bonterra a Good Fit for You?

        Bonterra is a platform that’s best used by those managing a lot of records. It serves a wide range of large nonprofits and has a complex feature set that makes it a great comprehensive option. It’s also highly suitable for PACs and grassroots advocacy campaigns. However, small and midsize organizations may find that the cost and complexity of the software can quickly grow beyond their capabilities.

        3. Bloomerang

        Bloomerang logo mark
        Bloomerang logo mark

        Bloomerang is a streamlined donor management platform that offers smaller nonprofits a good option to manage contacts, do basic fundraising, etc. It offers the basic features of a donation management platform with few bells and whistles. Additional capabilities, like volunteer and management, are available for an additional cost.

        Email management 
        Donor database tools
        Automated donor receipts
        Mail merge support
        Workflow management 
        General reporting 
        Engagement tracking 
        Historical communication records
        Ease of use
        Good basic features
        Strong customer service
        Integration dependent
        Limited reporting
        Few customization options
        Data upload difficulties

          Is Bloomerang a Good Fit for You?

          Bloomerang is a great solution for small nonprofits that need a simple and cost-effective database management tool. However, its limited features may not be appropriate for rapidly growing organizations that need more support.

          Considering Bloomerang? Click on this image to take a peek at a head-to-head comparison and see which option is best for you.
          Considering Bloomerang? Click on this image to take a peek at a head-to-head comparison and see which option is best for you.

          4. DonorPerfect

          Logo for DonorPerfect
          Logo for DonorPerfect

          DonorPerfect—a company based in Montreal, Canada—is a software provider that serves a wide range of nonprofits with a specific focus on Canadian markets. It’s another more comprehensive tool for nonprofits with features that can be used to manage activities for your entire organization.

          Automated tools 
          Engagement tracking
          Donor database management 
          Payment processing
          Reporting and analytics
          Online donation forms and templates
          Ease of use
          Clear, simple user interface
          Fast rollout and onboarding
          Limited customizability
          Few default reporting features
          Inefficient database tools
          Poor duplicate records support

            Is DonorPerfect a Good Fit for You?

            DonorPerfect is good for small to midsize organizations that can keep a close eye on their data cleanliness, although some large organizations report challenges with data merges. It’s also favored by some Canadian nonprofits looking for a domestic company to provide support.

            5. Oracle NetSuite Social Impact

            Oracle Netsuite logo
            Oracle Netsuite logo

            Oracle is, of course, much more than a CRM. It’s an enterprise that provides just about anything you can find in the cloud. For those organizations that need donor management software, it offers Oracle NetSuite Social Impact.

            Financial management
            Reporting tools
            Relationship management tools
            Efficiency tracking
            Compliance and regulatory tools
            Community access and support 
            No-cost options
            Comprehensive management
            Robust features
            Built-in compliance
            Difficult to learn
            Focused on resource management
            Reporting limitations 
            Minimal campaign support

              Is Oracle NetSuite a Good Fit for You?

              Oracle NetSuite Social Impact is an application-based program. Some nonprofit users may be eligible for no-cost activation and a donation of its basic-level platform. This may make it a good solution for organizations that are just getting started. The program is also an ERP (enterprise resource planning) application, meaning it is more focused on operations than donor management.

              6. GiveSmart

              GiveSmart logo
              GiveSmart logo

              GiveSmart is another platform that’s a small part of a much larger brand—Community Brands. GiveSmart is the donor management segment of its suite of products.

              Features for Donor ManagementBenefits Reported by UsersChallenges Reported by Users
              Custom field
              One-click report sharing 
              Payment management
              Intuitive search technology
              Mobile payments 
              Implementation support
              User-friendly interface
              High customizability
              Virtual auction support
              Simple reporting
              Printing problems
              User permission issues
              Few custom query options
              Expensive for service offered

                Is GiveSmart a Good Fit for You?

                Many users tout the benefits of this platform, specifically for its auction and live event management functions. This platform’s fundraising tools are much more robust than its donor management tools, but organizations that depend largely on in-person events for donations may find the features of this platform particularly helpful.

                Find Out Which Donor Management Platform is Right For You

                When you look at the above donor management software comparison, you’ll see tons of different features to consider as you evaluate your options. Picking the platform that best suits your organization’s needs will help you get the most out of your investment without taking on too much additional work or expense.  

                To help you along in your decision-making process, we’ve created a short quiz that synthesizes some basic info about the size, status, and needs of your nonprofits into a custom CRM recommendation. Take the quiz today!

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