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How to Choose a Monthly Giving Program Name (+ 4 Examples)

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April 24, 2024
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Shannon Whitehead
Content Strategist, Neon One

What’s in a name? Actually, a name can tell you a lot! For example, if your neighbor tells you their dog’s name is Fluffy, you expect a sweet and cuddly little dog. But if they tell you their dog’s name is Brutus, you might assume they have a “beware of dog” sign in their yard.

When you name your nonprofit’s monthly giving program, that name tells your supporters something about your organization, their contributions, and themselves. What do you want your monthly giving program name to say?

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Choosing a Monthly Giving Program Name

Even the greatest monthly giving program names won’t make someone sign up to become a recurring donor. But a well-thought-out name can do many important and helpful things; it can make donors feel like they’re part of a community, make them feel good about their involvement, or help them develop a personal connection to your organization and its mission. It can even do all three!

The best practices below will help you in the process of choosing a monthly giving program name.

Align with Your Audience

Your program’s name should make sense in light of your organization’s mission, but it should also make sense to your audience. Of course, the first step here is understanding your nonprofit’s audience, which will require some donor data analysis, donor personas, or a donor survey.

A catchy monthly giving program name is worthless if your audience doesn’t understand it. If your audience is mainly of an older generation, a name that includes Gen Z slang would only confuse them. 

On the other hand, if your donor survey revealed that your donors are primarily motivated by being part of a cause-driven group, choose an adjective for your program name that conveys a sense of community or belonging.

Shoot for Memorability 

As mentioned in the previous section, a catchy name isn’t everything. But a monthly giving program name that your donors find catchy, resonate with, and can remember is everything.

If your supporters can think, “I’m a part of the Penguin Partnership, which means I give monthly to support the wellbeing and preservation of penguins in Antarctica and Australia,” you have a memorable and relevant program name. 

But if your program name is “Friends of the Penguin Population of Antarctica and Australia,” that’s not as catchy or memorable and doesn’t inspire much of a personal connection. Besides, it’s a mouthful.

Get Feedback

If you’ve ever seen a restaurant or church sign going viral online for all the wrong reasons, you’ll understand how important this best practice is.

Before your monthly giving program name is set in stone and advertised to the public, ask around. Get feedback from people of all ages and people from inside and outside of your industry. They may be able to warn you about potential negative associations with the name or even legal and ethical concerns.

Make a Big Deal About It

Choosing a monthly giving program name isn’t easy. Once your team has brainstormed, voted, and tested a name, it’s time to shout it from the rooftops. 

Create a plan for your program’s rollout and promotion that sears the program’s name into supporters’ minds. Print nametags that say, “Hello, My Name Is [insert supporter group name].” Send recurring donors a mug emblazoned with the identifier they get when they join the program. 

Whatever you do, put your monthly giving program name front and center.

Do the Best Monthly Giving Program Names Follow a Formula?

The qualities that make a great monthly giving program name tend to vary by organization. Program names shouldn’t be too long, too trendy, or irrelevant to your cause. But they can take various forms—like acronyms, two-word wonders (alliteration not required!), and catchy descriptors (charity: water’s The Spring is a good example). 

There’s no strict formula, and that’s good news! A good place to start your creative thought process is [Your Mission] + [Inviting Adjectives, Nouns, or a Phrase/Call to Action]. Use the list of words below to give you ideas for your monthly giving program name.

  • Friends
  • Protectors
  • Heroes
  • Allies
  • Partners
  • Champions
  • Advocates
  • Guardians
  • Celebrators
  • Pioneers
  • Ambassador
  • Companions
  • Trailblazers
  • Visionaries
  • Sponsors
  • Defenders
  • ____keepers
  • Club
  • Guild
  • Crew
  • Society
  • Council
  • Force
  • Fellowship
  • Victory
  • The _________ Society
  • Friends of ________
  • The ______ Crew
  • _______ Circle
  • The ______ Alliance
  • _______ Builders
  • _______ Club
  • Partners in _______
  • _______ Guild
  • Circle of _______
  • _______ Makers
  • Cornerstone ______
  • Help for _______
  • Founding _______
  • Hall of _______

You know your donor base best. When it comes to choosing a monthly giving program name, some of these words may represent the demographics or personalities in your audience or resonate with your supporters better than others.

4 Monthly Giving Program Name Examples

Let’s take a look at how a few nonprofit organizations name and describe their monthly giving programs. The featured organizations aren’t always Neon One clients but are excellent examples. Inspiration abounds!

The Uproar (Equal Rights Advocates)

Equal Rights Advocates' monthly giving program, The Uproar, shown on their website
Equal Rights Advocates’ monthly giving program, The Uproar, shown on their website

Equal Rights Advocates (ERA) is an organization that fights for gender justice in workplaces and schools across the United States. Its monthly giving program, The Uproar, encourages supporters to “fuel gender justice every month.” On the program’s dedicated landing page, ERA also specifies what donors have to look forward to after joining: a thank-you gift, invitations to virtual events, and organization updates.

Heroes of Hope (Sofia’s Hope)

Heroes of Hope is a monthly giving program described on the nonprofit's website
Heroes of Hope is a monthly giving program described on the nonprofit’s website

Sofia’s Hope funds research, raises awareness, runs programs, and supports families affected by childhood cancer. Heroes of Hope, its monthly giving program, is aptly named after the organization and directly ties into its mission as well. Sofia’s Hope wisely outlines what various donation amounts can do so that supporters can understand the impact of each giving level and choose their recurring donation amount accordingly.

The Bread & Butter Club (Food & Friends)

The Bread & Butter Club's landing page shows photos and descriptions for what monthly donation amounts can buy
The Bread & Butter Club’s landing page shows photos and descriptions for what monthly donation amounts can buy

Food & Friends provides meals, groceries, and nutrition counseling to its neighbors in the Washington, DC, area who are living with life-challenging illnesses. Their monthly giving program is The Bread & Butter Club, which emphasizes joining the club to help your neighbors. The Bread & Butter Club’s page shows what various monthly donation amounts can accomplish, such as $25/month for fresh produce for five neighbors.

The Editor’s Guild (The Lucy Project)

The Editor's Guild monthly giving program's landing page with headlines and a donation form
The Editor’s Guild monthly giving program’s landing page with headlines and a donation form

Through partnerships with public and private schools and community organizations, The Lucy Project advocates for children who struggle with reading. The Lucy Project’s monthly giving program is named The Editor’s Guild, and monthly donors help provide reading lessons for children and professional development for educators. They make it simple and easy for donors to choose a monthly donation amount with a convenient form right at the top of the page.

Make Recurring Donations a Priority

A thriving monthly giving program is within reach—choosing a name is just step one. Whether you’re aiming to rebrand your existing program or just getting started, this 101 guide is for you. It covers the recurring donation basics and best practices to help you build, launch, and maintain a successful recurring giving program. Read more below!

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