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Resource Roundup: Learning Opportunities for Neon One Clients

8 min read
August 29, 2023
Abby Jarvis

Let’s be honest: Learning your way around a piece of software takes a lot of time. When that piece of software has a ton of features—like donor management tools, fundraising features, events capabilities, membership management, email and website builders, and on and on—there’s even more to learn. It can feel daunting. 

We’re here to make your life easier, not harder. Here’s a roundup of support and learning opportunities for Neon One clients that will help you get comfortable with your Neon One tools.

Learning Resources for Neon One Clients

Looking for ways to learn the ins and outs of your Neon One products? You’ll love these options!

Neon One Academy

Neon One Academy is (in our opinion) one of the most valuable channels you can use to master Neon One.

What Is It?

Neon One Academy is a collection of courses, tutorials, simulations, and videos about different Neon One products. You’ll use it during your orientation to learn the basics, and you can explore additional paths and courses based on your interests, job function, or goals.

Fun Fact

These courses were designed by a team of professional educators and instructors to be clear, concise, and useful. Lots of Neon One employees take these courses, too!

When Should I Use Neon One Academy?

If you’re looking to develop a deep understanding of the tools and features in your Neon One account, this is a great place to start. These thorough courses are a wonderful resource for anyone looking to master the ins and outs of the platform.

How Do I Find It?

Need directions to Neon One Academy? First, sign into your account. Click the question mark icon in the top right of your dashboard, then select “Neon One Academy.”

This screenshot indicates how to get to Neon One Academy from your dashboard. It's one of our favorite learning resources for Neon One clients!
You can get to Neon One Academy right from your dashboard.

Neon One Support Center

This collection of support articles includes hundreds of entries on every topic imaginable.

What Is It?

This is a collection of step-by-step instructions and videos on specific tasks you may need to complete in your Neon One account. If you have specific questions about how to do something, check the Support Center!

Fun Fact

We’re always updating our Support Center articles! We even have a dedicated internal channel where we share important updates to this resource.

When Should I Use Neon One’s Support Center?

If you need to know how to do something specific—like create a custom field, run a report, or add an element to your website—this will be what you need.

How Do I Get to It?

Getting to the Support Center is easy! First, sign into your account and click the question mark icon on the top right. Click “Support Center,” then select your product or search across all products.

Another great learning resource for Neon One clients is our Help Desk. This screenshot shows how to find it.
The Support Center is full of how-to articles and step-by-step instructions

Neon One Email Support

Every Neon One user can ask for help by submitting an email ticket to our support team. Here’s what you need to know!

What Is It?

Our service teams are here to help you! If you’re having technical issues, have a question you can’t answer in the Support Center, or want to report a bug, this is where you’ll go.

Fun Fact

There are eight different product options available, which is why you’ll notice a field asking you to tell us what product you’re using. That will help us route your question to the right team!

When Should I Use Neon One’s Email Support?

This is the best avenue for tech support and questions that aren’t answered in the Support Center. Expect us to ask you lots of questions—you may help us identify an area we need to write more articles!

How Do I Get to It?

First, sign into your account. Click the question mark icon on the top right and choose “Support Center.” Then, click “Submit a Request” in the top right, choose your product, and submit your ticket.

To submit an email ticket, click on "Support Center" on your dashboard. This screenshot shows its location
To submit an email ticket, you’ll first go to the Support Center …
This screenshot shows you where you can click to submit an email ticket
Then you’ll click on “Submit a Request”

Can I Have Chat or Phone Support, Too?
You can add chat support and phone support to your account; click here to learn more.

Open Office Hours and Group Training

If you enjoy learning and connecting with others in a collaborative environment, you’ll love these options.

What Are They?

These are live sessions where Neon One users and members of our service team connect and learn together. There are open office hours for one-off questions, group trainings with time for questions, and opportunities to learn what other users are doing at their own organizations.

Fun Fact

Because these sessions are so collaborative, they often include references to best practices and tactics that go beyond product usage.

When Should I Attend These Sessions?

If you have a general question about how to do something, want to know best practices for using a tool or feature, or want to explore parts of your account you haven’t used yet, this is for you. It’s a great way to learn alongside other Neon One clients!

How Do I Get to These?

First, follow the steps to log into Neon Academy. Scroll down and click on “Neon One Live Trainings” and use either the “Topic View” or “Calendar View” to find upcoming sessions.

Learning resources for Neon One clients aren't all do-it-yourself options; our live trainings are a ton of fun and a great way to learn more about your tools
Group trainings and office hours are both great ways to learn more about your tools and connect with other users

Release Webinars

Keeping on top of the updates and improvements to Neon One’s solutions is one of the best ways to ensure you’re making the most of your tools. These webinars are a great way to do just that!

What Are They?

These are monthly webinars where members of our team share important updates made to Neon One products. These are hosted monthly for Neon CRM and on a quarterly basis for Neon Fundraise.

Fun Fact

We’re always making improvements to Neon One products! Our monthly releases include feature enhancements, new tools, bug fixes, and other updates, many of which are driven by clients’ feedback, ideas, and requests.

When Should I Attend Release Webinars?

If you’re interested in keeping up to date on new features in your system, you’ll love these webinars. They’re a great way to learn what’s new in Neon One and how those updates will make your job easier.

How Do I Get to These?
You have two options! The first one is to bookmark our webinars page and keep an eye out for release webinars (and all the other cool sessions we host). You can also check your monthly newsletter for a summary of each new release and an invitation to the webinar.

Neon One Suggestions Portal

Remember when we said the features in the monthly release webinars are often driven by our users’ feedback, ideas, and requests? All of those come from the Suggestions Portal.

What Is This?

This isn’t technically an educational opportunity for you—it’s an educational opportunity for us! The suggestions portal is where Neon One clients can submit ideas and suggestions for new features or enhancements. You can also vote on others’ ideas! 

Fun Fact

This is an important part of our planning process for our monthly releases—the most popular ideas on the Portal take top priority as we decide how we can make our platforms even better.

When Should I Use the Suggestions Portal?

Do you have an idea for a new tool or feature? Could we tweak an existing one to be even better? This is the best way to tell us about it.

How Do I Get There?

Share your ideas! First, log into your account and click on the question mark icon in the top right. Then, click on “Suggestions Portal” and choose your product to submit your ideas and vote for others.

It's not technically a Neon One learning resource, but the suggestions portal is a great way to share ideas. This screenshot shows how to get to the Portal from your dashboard
You can share ideas and requests in the Suggestions Portal, or you can vote on others’ suggestions!

Nonprofit Education Resources

You don’t have to use our products to love these resources!

Neon One Blog

This handy resource features multiple new articles every month, and we’re constantly improving past articles, too. Visit the blog.


These downloadable resources include everything from in-depth research reports to checklists to interactive quizzes and cover tons of different topics and disciplines. Browse our guides.


Hear from some of the industry’s top speakers and get practical, tactical advice you can use to improve your fundraising, build a community, and grow your nonprofit. Check out our upcoming sessions here.


Every year, Neon One users gather at our two big events: Dream Big and Generosity Xchange. Both events are free to attend and are open to everyone!

Connected Fundraising Community

Meet other fundraisers, celebrate wins, encourage each other, and share ideas—whether or not you use Neon One products! You’ll also get exclusive access to mini webinars, share ideas for research, and a ton more. Join the community here

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