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Advanced Features

Unlock your organization’s full potential by leveraging Neon CRM’s built-in advanced features that allow you to build a solution that meets the unique needs of your organization. We’ve ensured your organization has the basics covered, so embrace the freedom to innovate your supporter management.

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Create infinite possibilities of data driven generosity

Neon CRM has been built by people who know you and the struggles you have with managing multiple data sources. That is why we have invested significant resources into creating the industry’s only fully curated generosity ecosystem of technology to help you do anything you can ever imagine.


Throw those Post-it note reminders away

Let Neon CRM do the work for you with an inspiring array of workflow automation tools that free you to focus on the real work.

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System Emails and Letters

These aren’t just donation receipts – they’re an entire communications team worth of triggered messages that allow for custom conditions so you can engage supporters how you want to.

Constituent Portal

With our public portal, your constituents can update their demographic information, access private pages, and register for upcoming events and volunteer opportunities. Streamline it all with our Facebook and Twitter logins or unlock endless possibilities with OAuth 2.0 integration with your website.


Worried you’ll miss that upcoming call with a prospective corporate sponsor? Or that they’ll miss the event they registered for? Worry no more with Neon CRM’s built in suite of staff and supporter notification tools for email and calendar prompts.


Free up hours of time by letting Neon CRM kick off more than a dozen actions on your behalf. Our Workflows can be triggered by actions taken by supporters, important dates you’ve indicated, or conditional data within the CRM.


Data integrity ensures more revenue for your organization

Ensure that the phrase “garbage in, garbage out” never applies to your database with Neon CRM’s smart deduplication tools. Free up data entry time so you can focus on building relationships and revenue.

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Account Match & Queue

When a supporter fills out a Neon CRM form or is submitted through an integration from our API, Neon CRM will scan to ensure there isn’t an existing record before adding it. Exact match? Auto-merge. Partial match? You decide using our full circle duplicate merging features.

Email Link Authentication

When you send an email through Neon CRM’s campaign tool and a constituent clicks to a transaction page, our link authenticator skips the fields asking who they are and allows them to immediately begin the transaction.

Login Prompt

Supporter portals are great ways to streamline the experience for your constituents but sometimes they forgot they created an account with you. Neon CRM’s login prompt feature allows you to customize the message to entice them to log back in.

Bulk Operations

Sometimes you just need to clean house. With our bulk update and delete features, your administrators can adjust large amounts of records or even wipe them from the database if they’re no longer helping your mission.


Go beyond the standards we’ve set

While Neon CRM is built for social good organizations, sometimes you need something special to make it perfect. Custom objects can ensure we track anything your organization needs.

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Custom Data Objects

While Neon CRM covers much of what your organization will need without a new object, this feature allows you to build new entities that can be a stand alone data table or be appended to one of our standard objects.

Custom Object Reporting

Adding data to a database doesn’t matter if you cannot use it, which is why Neon CRM’s custom objects can be used for both reporting and building communication segmentations right within the platform.

Custom Object Activities

Looking to add program related data to Neon CRM and want your staff to leverage our built in Activity features for task management and notifications? With custom objects, we’ve added the ability to connect our standard Activities to it.

Developer Tools

Advanced Neon CRM users can utilize custom objects to interact with either our API or through webhooks that will allow for custom integrations, web experiences, and deeper reporting capabilities.


A completely curated generosity ecosystem – built just for you

Every single integration in and out of Neon CRM has been tested by Neon One nonprofit fundraising and technology experts. With an eye toward streamlining the entire experience around data management, our certified integrations are built for good in all ways.

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Neon One Integrations

When we build an integration, the quality is guaranteed. That is why our primary efforts are connecting Neon One tools together. Streamlining access through Single Sign On, integrating Neon Pay and Neon Fundraise with Neon CRM, streamlining support center and Neon One Academy access, and much more will ensure our technology is supporting your work.

Data Integration Communities

We’ve collected a group of integrations that focus on making data management easier for your organization. Integrations with platforms like TrueGivers for automated NCOA nightly updates and Windfall Data for wealth and prospect appends that are updated bi-weekly will ensure you’re focusing on relationship, not manual data merges.

Revenue Integration Communities

Neon CRM has every type of supporter channel covered with our group of revenue focused integrations. Have donors who want to give cryptocurrency? Meet The Giving Block. Need to hold an auction virtually? Connect ClickBid to your Neon CRM event. And every integration we certify that generates revenue is checked against our Quickbooks integration for end-to-end reconciliation possibilities.

Communication Integration Communities

With supporters increasingly demanding personalization, ensuring you can meet them where they are is vital. That is why Neon CRM has developed a suite of communication integrations for email, texting, mobile, direct mail, and more in order to meet your needs. With this grouping of integrations, you’ll be able to reach your supporters anywhere they want to be.

All your favorite tools, united by one powerful fundraising database

Our certified integrations are the best in the industry. We partner with over 50 of your favorite software providers so you can keep what you want and lose what you don’t.

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