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A smiling woman with grey hair sits at a computer in an office setting
A smiling woman with grey hair sits at a computer in an office setting

Neon CRM Offerings

  • Full Feature Platform
  • Comprehensive Reporting
  • Robust Automation Capabilities

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Here’s What We Do

Neon One is the bridge between technology and small to mid-sized nonprofits, enabling them to foster a culture of generosity. Our ecosystem extends beyond donor management, as we have built an ecosystem of technology and resources that span the complete spectrum of operational needs within nonprofits. This encompasses everything from marketing and revenue generation, to program operations and financial reconciliation.

Blackbaud Raiser’s Edge NXT is a software solution that focuses on fundraising and constituent relationship management. This powerful platform is extensive, offering lots of add-ons and tools nonprofits can use to track and manage their donor data. Raiser’s Edge is generally best suited for large organizations with dedicated CRM administrative staff.

Our Main Differences

Neon CRM is an All-In-One Ecosystem

Blackbaud users mention the hassle of having to use two versions of their platform—the desktop view and the webview versions. This experience leaves your database disjointed and makes room for connectivity and sync issues to arise. With Neon CRM, all of your data and activities live in one unified hub. You can access your donations, grants, events, email communications, constituent and household information, and other pertinent data in a single platform. On top of that, you can also manage your website, payment processor, and integrations within the same platform. You’ll never need to worry about your data syncing between each product or service.

Comprehensive Reporting & Analytics

Blackbaud’s Raiser’s Edge NXT captures a ton of donor data, but peer reviews mention that reporting and data viewing in the platform isn’t user-friendly and can be quite limited. Users report having trouble pulling important reports and cite a less-than-intuitive interface as the reason. On the other hand, tracking data and building reports in Neon CRM is a breeze. Choose from a number of templates to quickly generate a standardized report, create a custom report to clearly showcase your data, or schedule a report so you’re ready for that board meeting later this week. The reporting in Neon CRM is comprehensive and intuitive, which means you can quickly and easily see your data and draw meaningful conclusions from it.

Robust Automation Capabilities

Although Blackbaud offers numerous software integration partners for process automation, these all come at some cost, whether it’s effort and time, a financial cost, or both. These integrations tend to have a hefty price tag and often require acute tech and coding knowledge that are often out of reach for most nonprofits. Automation capabilities are native to Neon CRM, so you don’t need to worry about managing another vendor or costly integrations. Set and forget pesky tasks, automate thank-you notes and receipts, and explore tons of other possibilities that will make your day easier and more efficient.

Neon CRM is a Full Feature Platform

The fundraising capabilities in Blackbaud’s platform are extensive and well-loved among their users. However, many users feel their platform is lacking some important additional functionality. Some essential features require users to purchase costly add-ons or find a third-party vendor—and those don’t come cheap. Onboarding these new features has proven to be complex and frequently requires users to purchase extended training support on top of the costly feature or integration. Neon CRM, on the other hand, has baked in nearly every feature that a nonprofit could want—fundraising, donor management, automation, email marketing, analytics and reporting, and so much more! If there is something that you need that isn’t built into Neon CRM, we have over 50+ integration partners, most of whom have no integration fees.

A representation of the Neon CRM Fundraising dashboard shown on a laptop screen
A screenshot of Neon One support guides

Support Center

In our Support Center, you’ll access a wide array of helpful articles and instructional videos. These user-friendly resources provide step-by-step instructions and in-depth guidance for navigating all facets of Neon CRM, encompassing your subscription, account management, user operations, and administrative tasks. In case you encounter any challenges, our support team is on standby to offer direct assistance.

Customer Support

All Neon CRM customers have access to unlimited email support. Our group training sessions are held 4-5 times per week and provide an overview of new features and best practices using Neon CRM. If you need additional support, you can always purchase live chat and phone support for a small monthly fee as well as extended training hours with our professional services team.

Neon One Academy

Whether you’re looking for a full-fledged course on how to set up a new feature in Neon CRM or just need a quick refresher video on how to filter your database, there’s something for you in Neon One Academy. Chock full of extended learning resources from product orientation information to comprehensive courses to 60-second walk-throughs, this resource contains all the education opportunities you need to succeed in Neon CRM.

Suggestions Portal

Our Suggestions Portal gives Neon CRM users the power to shape our product in a way that meets their needs and desires. See something in the report builder that could use a bit of updating? Submit that idea to the portal, and other users can vote on the idea to escalate its priority. Our product team is active in the conversations happening in the Suggestions Portal and are constantly reviewing your ideas to inform our product roadmap. That means our platform remains relevant and continues to evolve to meet the ever-changing needs of our users and the industry at large.

Neon CRM reviews sourced by G2

Switching to Neon CRM

You’ve Never Seen Data Migration This Easy

All of our data migration packages include orientation to outline objectives, basic training, legacy data migration into Neon CRM, and configuration. We make sure to go the extra mile with our data import process because we know that this is often one of the most stressful aspects of switching platforms or getting started with a new software provider. Your data is unique to you and is one of your most precious assets—we’ll make sure it’s treated that way.

If you require additional support, extended training is available for purchase as needed.

“Our constituents have appreciated being able to easily make donations and purchase tickets to events through Neon One — all of that makes life a lot easier for our stakeholders and our staff.”

Portrait of Ace
Portrait of Ace

Jim Parsons

Director at Preservation Houston

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Your Questions Answered

Is Revenue-Based Pricing Actually More Cost-Effective?

Most providers employ a pricing model based on your record count. Unfortunately, this approach often constrains your growth potential. It’s hard to grow your audience when you’re worried about being pushed into a higher pricing tier! Our revenue-based pricing model eliminates the fear of unexpected price hikes, enabling you to plan your budgets with greater predictability. This pricing structure empowers you to expand your organization’s community without anxiety or restrictions.

Do I Really Need All These Bells and Whistles?

It’s a great question! While you may not require every one of Neon CRM’s available features at this moment, forgoing them could impede your future potential. Opting for the least expensive solution today could curtail your capacity for efficient and cost-effective growth later on—and that can mean a ton of wasted time and effort when you need to switch systems in the future. That’s why we offer a range of packages that cater to your current needs while affording you the flexibility necessary for the future.

Aren’t All Data Migrations the Same?

Your data is the heart of your organization, and it deserves to be treated as such. Generic uniform data imports that many other providers employ strip your data of its distinct qualities. Our personalized strategy includes a comprehensive data audit to mitigate the need for expensive enrichment services in the future. Our newest iteration of the data migration and import process is the most thorough yet, and it ensures that your data is precisely mapped as you move it into Neon CRM. This means you can maintain the nuances in your data while ensuring it’s easy to use once it’s in the system.

Why Neon CRM?

Reason #1

We’re a Connected Ecosystem

Technology must be accessible to everyone. Our integrated suite of tools creates an experience that is unmatched by any other. Nonprofits find the connectivity between their CRM, payment processor, website, and other tools to be one of the greatest efficiencies in their work. And having one connected system of tools gives you the comfort of one support team, a centralized database, a single sign-on to remember, and fewer vendors to manage (and pay).

Illustration of the One Bunch bringing the roof onto a house and putting things together, representing the interconnected nature of Neon CRM
Illustration of the One Bunch bringing the roof onto a house and putting things together, representing the interconnected nature of Neon CRM
Illustration of the One Bunch celebrating all of their successes, in no small part thanks to the benefits of Neon CRM
Illustration of the One Bunch celebrating all of their successes, in no small part thanks to the benefits of Neon CRM

Reason #2

We Stand For Our Customers

Our customers are our lifeline. Their needs will always be the driving force behind each and every decision we make. Whether that’s our strategy for supporting users to the timing and method we use to introduce new features, we make sure our customers’ needs, feedback, and ideas steer the ship.

Reason #3

We’re Continuously Improving

Consistent conversations with our clients and industry leaders help inform how we improve our products. The invaluable input we receive through our Suggestions Portal, one-on-one conversations, and peer reviews has driven our development and evolution. As we learn how the industry is changing and how our clients’ needs and desires are evolving, we make sure we quickly follow suit.

Illustration of Victor, from the One Bunch, reading and gathering more knowledge
Illustration of Victor, from the One Bunch, reading and gathering more knowledge

Neon CRM Logo

  • Essentials: starting at $99/mo
  • Impact: starting at $199/mo
  • Empower: starting at $399/mo
  • Our pricing is revenue-based, helping you focus on the relationships you build—not the number of records you’ve reached.

See Neon CRM Pricing Details

blackbaud Raise's Edge NXT logo text

  • Blackbaud does not publish their pricing. If you wish to learn more, contact their team for details.

The following features are included in the base package of each CRM offering.


Neon CRM Logo blackbaud Raise's Edge NXT logo text
Fundraising Fundraising
Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Peer-to-Peer Fundraising
Neon Pay Payment Processing Secure Payment Processing
PCI Compliance Program PCI Compliance Program
Moves & Tasks Management Moves & Task Management
Unlimited Emails & Letters Unlimited Emails & Letters
Household Management Household Management
Automated Acknowledgements Automated Acknowledgements
Unlimited Online Forms
Unlimited Online Forms
Reporting & Analytics Reporting & Analytics
Grants Tracking Grants Tracking
Unlimited File Storage
Unlimited File Storage
Unlimited Ticket/Email Support Unlimited Ticket/Email Support
Neon Academy Knowledgebase
Unlimited Users Unlimited Users
Native Email Marketing Native Email Marketing
Phone and Chat Support (Add-on Chat and Phone $50/mo) Phone and Chat Support
Workflow Automation
Workflow Automation
Membership Configuration
Membership Configuration (Add-on)
Neon Websites (Add-on)
Websites (Add-on)
Radius Search (Add-on) Donor & Prospect Data Intelligence (Add-on)
Address Updater (Add-on) Address Updater (free for first year only)
Volunteer Management (Impact & Empower Only) Volunteer Management
Events Management (Impact & Empower Only)
Events Management (Add-on)
QuickBooks Integration (Impact & Empower Only)
QuickBooks Integration (Add-on)
Open API Integrations Available Open API Integrations
Store (Impact & Empower Only) Store
Data Migration Support Data Migration Support
Household Management Household Management
Constituent Profiles Constituent Profiles
Recurring Giving and Pledge Management Recurring Giving and Pledge Management
Proposal Tracking Proposal Tracking


See All The Features of Neon CRM

Neon CRM Logo

  • Live Chat & Phone Support
  • Membership Configuration
  • Radius Search
  • Neon Websites
  • Additional Active Workflows
  • Extended Training and Consulting Hours
  • Additional Data Import Configuration
  • Over 50 software integrations

See All The Features of Neon CRM

blackbaud Raise's Edge NXT logo text

  • Donor & Prospect Data Intelligence
  • eTapestry Fundraising
  • Financial Edge NXT
  • Just Giving Peer-to-Peer Fundraising
  • Luminate Online Fundraising
  • Merchant Services Payment Processing
  • Altru Ticketing & Membership for Arts and Culture Orgs
  • YourCause CSRconnect
  • Grantmaking Management Tool
  • Various Education Specific Products
  • Various Arts & Culture Specific Products

All The Best Tools: One Connected Ecosystem

Our industry-leading certified integrations stand out. We partner with more than 50 of your favorite software providers so you can keep what services you want and forget what you don’t.

Logo for Intuit Quickbooks
Logo for Intuit Quickbooks
Product logo for Eventbrite
Product logo for Eventbrite

Over 6500 Organizations Inspire Donor Generosity with Neon One

Logo for Challenge Aspen
Logo for Challenge Aspen
Logo for the Chicago Repertory Ballet
Logo for the Chicago Repertory Ballet
Logo for the California Teacher Development Collaborative
Logo for the California Teacher Development Collaborative
Logo for Concord Art
Logo for Concord Art
Logo for Canvasback Missions
Logo for Canvasback Missions
Logo for Alzheimer's San Diego
Logo for Alzheimer’s San Diego
Portrait of Mallory Erickson
Portrait of Mallory Erickson
Portrait of Julia Campbell
Portrait of Julia Campbell
Image of Shelia Phillips from SMP Consulting
Image of Shelia Phillips from SMP Consulting
Logo for Quickbooks Made Easy
Logo for Quickbooks Made Easy
Logo for Corporate Giving Connection
Logo for Corporate Giving Connection

Partner Highlights

Our Partners Create an Ecosystem of Nonprofit Resources

Our partners are a crucial component to our ecosystem of nonprofit resources. Their expertise covers an extensive array of subjects—you’d be shocked how deep their knowledge flows! Immerse yourself in our partner directory to discover how they can support you in enacting your mission.

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